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Reflective Safety Jacket

Reflective Safety Jacket

The Reflective Safety Jacket from Ningbo Angu Safety is advanced safety gear that provides optimal protection and visibility during harsh weather conditions. The jacket is made of high-quality waterproof material that is both durable and breathable, ensuring that the wearer stays dry and comfortable during extended use.

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Product Description

Ningbo Angu Safety Reflective Safety Jacket is a cutting-edge safety gear that provides best-in-class visibility and protection in inclement weather. Made from high quality waterproof material, this jacket is durable while also offering optimal breathability for maximum comfort during extended use.
Price: Min. Order(Pieces) FOB Price
1,000+ US $1.50-2.50
Port: Ningbo
Product Attribute: Season All Seasons
Age Group All People
Material Polyester
Function Breathable, Durable, Anti-Bacterial
Usage Sanitation Workers, Security Staff, Traffic Warden, Road Administration, Transportation
Type Reflective Vest
Product Name Reflective Safety Jacket
Color Flu.Yellow/Orange/Customized
Reflective Tape 5cm Reflective Tape Class2 En471
Application Working/Running/Cycling
Standard En ISO 20471 ANSI/Lsea 107-2015
Logo Customized Logo Is Accepted
Product Packing 1PC/OPP Bag
Product Standard S-3XL or Customized Size
Product Trademark Angu Safety
Product Origin Zhejiang China

Reflective Safety Jackets are designed to set safety signs made of strong reflective materials on the symmetrical parts of the front and rear upper body and shoulders or other parts without changing the structure of the existing raincoats. As a result, the raincoat can produce a dazzling reflected light under the illumination of street lights, car lights and natural light to remind the vehicles in front and behind to be alert and achieve safety purposes. In rainy weather and poor light conditions, Safety Workwear High Visibility Vest Reflective Clothes Safety Jacket play the role of traffic safety protective clothing. Safety Workwear High Visibility Vest Reflective Clothes Safety Jacket can be divided into: one-piece Reflective Safety Jacket, split Safety Workwear High Visibility Vest Reflective Clothes Safety Jacket, Safety Workwear High Visibility Vest Reflective Clothes Safety Jacket, reflective rain pants, etc. Safety Workwear High Visibility Vest Reflective Clothes Safety Jacket have the characteristics of high safety factor, convenient and practical, good waterproof effect, comfortable and dry to wear.

1.Reflective Safety Jackets are raincoats with luminous strips, which can attract the attention of drivers with eye-catching reflections, reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, and at the same time protect against wind and rain.

2. Reflective duty clothing is helpful for the need for eye-catching reminders of work, but cannot protect against wind and rain.

Reflective raincoat is a special material raincoat with reflective function. It can not only protect people from getting wet on rainy days, but also improve the visibility of pedestrians or cyclists by reflecting light and increase safety. In order to keep your reflective raincoat in good condition and extend its service life, correct washing and maintenance methods are very important. Below I will introduce you to the washing and maintenance methods of Reflective Safety Jacket, including cleaning steps and precautions.

Cleaning steps:

1. Prepare cleaning tools and materials: warm water, neutral detergent, soft brush or sponge, and clean towel.

2. Turn the reflective raincoat inside out and pat it gently to remove dust and dirt on the surface.

3. Soak the reflective raincoat in warm water for a moment to soften the stains attached to the surface.

4. Pour an appropriate amount of neutral detergent into warm water and mix it into foam, then dip a soft brush or sponge into the detergent and gently scrub the surface of the reflective raincoat. Be careful not to use excessive force to avoid damaging the reflective material.

5. After cleaning, rinse with clean water to ensure that the detergent is completely removed.

6. Gently dry the reflective raincoat, and then use a towel to absorb the remaining water.

7. Turn the reflective raincoat over to dry to avoid direct sunlight and prevent damage to the reflective material.


1. Before washing your reflective raincoat, please read and follow the washing instructions on the clothing. If there are special requirements, please follow the instructions for cleaning.

2. In order to protect the reflective material, please choose neutral detergent and avoid using bleach, strong acid or strong alkaline detergent to avoid damaging the material.

3. Try not to soak the reflective raincoat for too long to avoid damage to the reflective material.

4. When brushing Reflective Safety Jacket, try to use a soft-bristled brush or sponge, and avoid using rough and hard brushes to avoid scratching or damaging the material.

5. During the cleaning process, Reflective Safety Jacket should be handled gently to avoid excessive friction or pulling.

6. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly and ensure that the detergent is completely removed to avoid residual substances from damaging the reflective material.

7. When drying the reflective raincoat, avoid direct sunlight and choose a ventilated place to dry, which can protect the performance and appearance of the reflective material.

8. Reflective Safety Jackets are not suitable for mechanical washing and drying, and washing machines and dryers should be avoided.

With the correct washing and maintenance methods, you can keep your reflective raincoat in good condition, extend its service life, and always maintain good reflective effects. Please be careful to follow the above steps and precautions to ensure that no damage is caused to the reflective raincoat during the washing process.

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