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Triangle Reflector Warning Kit

Triangle Reflector Warning Kit

Ningbo Angu Safety is a top Triangle Reflector Warning Kit manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Traffic Safety Roadside Reflector Emergency Triangle Kits and Warning Triangles in China. Their products are renowned for their high quality, extreme design, superior performance, and competitive pricing. Customers are also satisfied with their excellent after-sales service. If you are interested in purchasing their Traffic Safety Roadside Reflector Emergency Triangle Kit Warning Triangles, you can contact them for more information and prompt replies.

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Product Description

Ningbo Angu Safety is a highly respected Chinese company specializing in the production, supply and export of Triangle Reflector Warning Kits, which are highly sought after by customers. Their products are popular for their superior quality, innovative designs, superior performance and reasonable prices. Customers also appreciate their excellent after-sales service. If you are interested in purchasing their Triangle Reflector Warning Kit, please feel free to contact them for more information. They are known for their quick and informative responses.

Price: Min. Order(Pieces) FOB Price
2,000+ US $1.50-2.00
Port: Ningbo
Product Attribute: Foldable Foldable
Certification EMARK, CE
Material PS
Product Name Warning Triangle
Installation Fixed
View Distance >500 M
Application Car Emergency Tool
Type Warning Triangle
Color Red
Usage Vehicle
Support Material Iron
Reflector Material PS
Product Packing 1PC/Plastic Box
Product Standard 440*30MM
Product Trademark Angu Safety
Product Origin Zhejiang China

The Triangle Reflector Warning Kit is also called the triangle warning sign. The car triangle warning sign is a passive reflector made of plastic reflective material. When the driver encounters a sudden breakdown on the road and stops for maintenance or an accident, he or she can use the reflective effect of the triangle warning sign. performance, it can remind other vehicles to pay attention to avoid secondary accidents.

There is a reflective triangle on the outside, a fluorescent triangle in the middle, and a base underneath. The outer reflective triangle is to reflect a stronger light to the driver of the vehicle behind after being illuminated by car lights at night; the inner triangle works during the day, allowing the driver to spot it more clearly during the day through diffuse reflection. Triangle cards are usually dismantled and placed in a rectangular box. After we take them out, we first need to put them together. The method is very simple. There are buckles on the three corners. Buckle them in the correct position, and then put one of the corners on The legs of the triangle are propped up. Pay attention to this process, especially in winter, when the weather is cold and the plastic is very brittle. When unfolding, you need to align and apply force, otherwise the plastic triangle will be easy to break and the buckle will be easily broken, especially There are a lot of triangle decks out there made of inferior materials.

On urban roads, we should place the warning triangle 50 meters behind the car; if it is night, extend the distance to 150 meters. On highways, the warning triangle should be placed 150 meters behind the car; at night, the distance should be extended to 250 meters. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the warning triangle cannot be placed on the side or rear of the vehicle, nor placed too close. In the event of an accident, other objects cannot be used as the warning triangle, and the warning triangle cannot be held by hand. For most vehicles, the warning triangle, like the jack, is equipped with the car when you buy it. It is usually placed in the trunk of the vehicle or in the lower partition of the trunk. It is recommended that car owners return it to its original location after use to avoid finding it when they need it next time. For some triangle warning signs whose outer box is the same color as the inner layer of the trunk, be sure to place it in a fixed location that you are familiar with, otherwise it will be easily "ignored". Although the warning triangle is less frequently used, you must not ignore it. When your car breaks down on the road or is unable to drive in an accident, it can play a huge role in protecting your personal safety.

After placing the warning sign, turn on the double flashing lights!

The Triangle Reflector Warning Kit is placed to remind oncoming vehicles that there is a vehicle parked on the roadside in front, so please slow down; and the double flashing lights are turned on to tell oncoming vehicles which vehicle was involved in the accident.

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